Is It Realistic to Rid the Internet of Porn?

When the internet was still getting a foothold, whenever you would mention that name, the first thing to come into many people’s minds was porn. However, as time as gone by, this notion has changed as people have found beneficial ways of using the internet and how they can build their business using it. Nevertheless, porn is still quite significant on the internet. In fact, with the high speeds of connection to the internet, downloading porn clips, videos and movies happens in a matter of minutes and someone can easily get a daily dose of the same. So as the topic of this article suggests: is it realistic to rid the internet of porn? The answer is a big NO! Pursuing such a cause would be a big waste of time.

One of the things that would make this cause difficult is the amount of money that is generated in the porn industry. This is why you will find thousands upon thousands of porn sites, whose clients are largely males, who spend a lot of their money looking for sex on the internet. Some websites offer free videos to entice their clients. Others allow ‘homemade’ movies to be uploaded. Whatever the case, you will still find people spending their money for sex on the internet.

The existence of pornography on the internet is not only determined by money but also by the freedom of expression and freedom of speech. In the early stages of the internet, the online world seemed to be ‘morally pure’ with people using words with restraint and being careful not to offend others. But as time has gone by and the allowing of people to speak what they think, pornography has ended up growing and enlarging its online territory. Nevertheless, porn has been, still is and will always be there in spite of the forms it may come in. What the internet has done is to make the access of porn fast and easy; it has cut down the embarrassment that one may have if they have to purchase a porn movie from an adult store.

The downside of this is that very young children can get access to this pornographic material. But thank goodness for the internet and its ability to put safeguards in place and ensure parents are able to control the kind of websites their children can access. This means that parents have the ultimate responsibility of making sure that their children do not have access to adult content on websites. The internet is not responsible for this.

One of the major problems of pornography is addiction. You will find so many people addicted to porn that they will always be looking for any opportunity to go online and download either pornographic video clips or photographs in a bid satisfy a craving that is hard to satisfy. Alcohol has always been there and so have alcoholics. The solution has never been to eliminate the alcohol but for the alcoholics to admit their problems. In the same way, eliminating pornography is not the solution; the porn addicts seeking help is the preferred solution.

One issue that may need to be addressed is that of child pornography. This issue has been able to slip into the internet even though there are law agencies that enforce the law against such practices. The internet cannot be regulated or legislated by laws of a certain nation. This is because each country has their own set of laws that they run with. For example, in China, the government has been able to close some websites that they have deemed unsuitable.

What really makes something pornographic? What are the acceptable and non acceptable forms of pornography? These are some questions which are quite difficult to answer as regarding what may be pornographic material and what is normal. Where the line is drawn is not known because people have their own various notions on pornography. ‘Violent and extreme pornography’ is considered a crime according to the British government. The problem is that what may seem extreme to someone may not be extreme to another.

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How to Do Anal Sex Properly – Again and Again

Have you seen the adult movies where the woman spreads her cheeks and the guy with the humongous penis just shoves it in her anus and starts banging away mercilessly? You can be sure that if the woman isn’t spaced out on drugs – and that’s a rarity in the modern world of porn – then there has been some preparation beforehand. You just don’t get to see it in the movie because it would (i) ruin the continuity and (ii) be quite boring.

In the world of Hollywood porn, the stunningly beautiful “actresses” usually have enemas prior to getting butt-loved within an inch of their lives.

But you aren’t a porn star (even if you wish you were). So, how do we get our women to DO IT? Well, for starters, more and more women are amenable to the idea, and these days some realize that it is such a common practice that their partners are going to expect it as a right. If you aren’t sure, don’t beat about the bush – get straight to the point. Ask her. Sex is such an integral part of any relationship that you have to get exactly what you want (and that’s mutual, by the way: if you don’t give her what she wants in bed, you’re in trouble too) or you are going to stray sooner or later, no doubt about it.

Anal sex encompasses more than just sticking your penis into someone’s anus, although that is the holy grail. The menu includes finger probing, or just rubbing the anus; annilingus (licking the anus, or even inserting the tongue); probing with toys or other objects (fruit & vegetables etc), and, finally, what the old-timers call sodomy. Whatever you call it, it feels great. Does it feel great for the woman, though? If done hurriedly, roughly or without the right preparation, definitely – it can hurt her immensely. And if you ruin it the first time, she’ll never want to do it again. So get it right the first time.

So, before we start anything, we need some lubrication. People argue over what is best, most hygienic etc, but the most important thing to remember is any lube is better than no lube. There’s a movie starring Victoria Givens where she takes on about 100 or more men in an anal gang-bang, and on the cover and it claims she didn’t use any lube. For mere mortals, this is not recommended! Good old Vaseline is the best for anal sex, followed by oil-based lube and then water-based lube. Vaseline retains its viscosity, whereas the weaker stuff can be absorbed too quickly into the skin, which means you have to stop and reapply – this can really ruin the moment.

The following is all important for an enjoyable anal experience for all. Firstly, let’s imagine enemas aren’t part of the equation, as this is a rare practice in reality. Just make sure that your partner has had a decent bowel movement at least an hour before engaging in anal activity. A pre-sodomy shower is also ideal, as it makes the first step easier. When you have your partner in the mood (preferably after some ordinary vaginal intercourse to get her nice and randy – if she climaxes beforehand – even better), flip her on her tummy and start licking gently around her anus. Pressing you tongue flat over the whole hole (pardon the pun) and pushing can give her some delightful sensations. She may prefer light flicking tongue movements, or even deeper probing into her anus. Experiment, listen for her groans, and go with the moment.

Next, insert a finger, which you have lubed up prior. Do this nice and slow – in and out to the first knuckle, then to the second. If possible, reach around and stimulate her clit at the same time. If the first finger poking goes okay, slip in a second finger. If this proves difficult, slow down and go back to the one finger. When she starts pushing back against your fingers, this is the signal to get out the big boy.

Lube your penis and her anus again until really slippery. Ask her to hold her butt cheeks apart (she can be on her knees, or even on her back with a pillow under the lower back). Gently place your glans against the forbidden entrance and ask her to push back very slowly. DO NOT rush this. Her natural reaction is not to allow your penis in there, but persist. If she can relax to the maximum degree, your job is going to be much easier. Once you get the head of your penis inside, leave it there for a while – no motion. Then gently push in an inch or two, then out again. Gradually build up until she is taking the maximum possible. If you’re not the owner of a massive member, you might be lucky to get the whole lot in there! When you are finished, pull your tool out slowly. It’s often a good idea to keep some baby wipes or similar handy – just in case. Have a shower (with your woman, of course) as soon as possible, as there may be some evil bacteria lurking about.

Finally, and this is very important if you aren’t in a stable, monogamous relationship – wear a condom for goodness sake! Everyone these days is aware of the dangers of AIDS; besides, there are other infections you may pick up, especially if you have a tear or abrasion.

So, go ahead and enjoy the pleasures of anal sex, which is no longer a taboo in a free and modern society. Just be patient, considerate and observe the basics of hygiene, and you and your partner will be engaging in butt play more often. Oh yeah, guys. If you want to know what she’s going through, swap roles and she can do you with a strap-on. You just might enjoy it!

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Will Sex and Stupidity Sink the Social Networking Sites?

As the hula hoop, Pee Wee Herman and the dot-com bust all conclusively proved, common sense, clear thinking and knowledge of history are wholly incapable of countering a new craze once it has caught the public’s fancy. And social networking sites are about the biggest things on the Internet right now, whether or not they are really becoming “the hub of a new virtual culture.”

MySpace, the leader of the pack, was launched in 2002, by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, as a Southern California band promotion site. From a market value of zero it grew sufficiently big for Rupert Murdoch to pay them $580 million for it in July of this year. Anderson and DeWolfe determined from the start to allow User Generated Content (UGC) because they sensed that the big boy on the social networking block, Friendster, was stumbling because of its decision to censor user pages. Whether or not Murdoch’s News Corp. execs would leave MySpace alone was an unknown at the time, but they have managed to keep the cachet and the site is still growing.

As of late 2005, MySpace was home to over 2 million different bands; tens of thousands of comedians, actors and filmmakers; and, as a recent CNNreport put it, “millions of striving, attention-starved wannabes.” MySpace welcomed its 100,000,000th registered user in early August 2006, and even now signs up almost a quarter of a million people daily.

MySpace, Google and Yahoo have been fighting to be leader in the number of daily page views, right near the nice round billion mark, according to Web watcher Media Metrix. There are hundreds of other social networking destinations on the Internet-Facebook, Cyworld and Bebo, to name a few-but MySpace, according to Web site tracker Hitwise, accounted for 82% of the traffic in its category in 2007 and still has some 70% now. It’s because, as CNN says, it is by far “the most risqué and chaotic” of them all, and the users still rule. And the users, of course, want sex (music is a close second).

Since it is free, helps get the message out and has so far been an unrestricted site where anything goes, MySpace has been adopted by many adult content producers and performers. Yet, while plenty of the boom-time happy-talk is still being heard about MySpace, the voices of caution and concern are growing into a chorus.

Don Dodge works for what is called the Microsoft Emerging Business Team (MEBT), and has a blog called (along with a few hundred others) “The Next Big Thing.” The boilerplate business blurb at MEBT’s site says that it “work[s] with the Venture Capitalists (VC) and VC backed start-up software companies,” but what Dodge does on his blog is provide spot-on analysis and insight about Internet “trends and troubles.”

“YouTube and MySpace,” he says, “are the multi-media Napsters of [today]. They are experiencing the same explosive growth, the same scalability issues, and will face the same legal problems, and some new ones.” He attributes the reason for the looming “unpleasantness” to the fact that social sites are started by “young, inexperienced, technical people who are ill equipped to deal with legal, PR, and customer satisfaction issues.”

Jeff Mullen, a leading publicist as well as a top producer of adult content, is satisfied with MySpace now, but is smart enough to know there are some question marks hovering around it. “Any tool that helps to spread the seeds of discussion regarding a movie project or a star,” says Mullen, “is useful, and MySpace is a valuable marketing tool to reach a specific audience.” That audience, say the Media Metrix folks, is concentrated in the 12-to-28 age cohort, with roughly equal numbers of males and females.

It’s the low end of that range that spells trouble for MySpace, since the site is overflowing with adult material of every kind. Microsoft’s Dodge realizes that such material “is everywhere on the Internet [and] is not illegal, but web sites must comply with COPA (Child Online Protection Act)” and keep minors away from it. That’s a real challenge, considering the high level of computer literacy among today’s adolescents.

Dodge doesn’t mince words. “Congress, concerned parents and law enforcement are pushing for new and tougher controls,” he says, and “MySpace need[s] to deal with the porn issue quickly.” He knows whereof he speaks, having worked at a number of “Big Net” name brands. “I can tell you from personal experience at AltaVista and Napster,” he continues, “that porn and copyrighted material (music) are two of the biggest issues to manage, but also the most popular.” It remains to be seen how the social networking gurus deal with this roiling, boiling and explosive nexus of sex, kids, rock ‘n’ roll and the drug-like effect of the Internet. Stay tuned!

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Addicted – Break Free From Pornography Today

Here are five reasons why you should combat your Addiction:

1. Get to know Pornography for what it is.

Pornography is the depiction of sexually explicit materials with the interest of making the viewer or reader, sexually aroused. Pornographic Addiction is a model of compulsive sexual activity with concurrent use of pornographic material, despite negative consequences to ones physical, mental, social and financial well-being.

2. Pornography comes in shades

Wearing glasses protects one’s eyes from reflection or hides ones injury in the eyes, different shades for the varying amount of reflection your eyes can handle. You can choose the amount of reflected pornography that your eyes/ears receive; literatures, magazines, audio’s, videos, verbal speech e.t.c, so in your form of entertainment, select your sexual innuendo can handle. Try to avoid watching, listening or reading materials that might promote sex. Filter your eyes.

3. Pornography affects your morals

The morality of an individual decreases overtime. Those exposed attach more value to casual sex and show greater acceptance of premarital sex. Pornography damages the sexual performance of the viewers; it tends to develop problems with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in males. Pornography raises the demand for types and amount of sexual experiences, at the same time reduce the ability to experience it. Statistics as compiled in the 2015 porn status show that marriage mates that tend to watch porn are 218% more likely to commit adultery. Analysis also shows that pornographic material puts one on increased risk of developing sexual violent tendencies; commit sexual offence, accepting rape myth and so on.

4.Those who produce have not your best interests at heart

“Instead of having sex education be boring, be technical… I’d rather have us educate our children to be critical consumers who see porn”, Dr Christian, a sex researcher of Aalborg University. Many movies watched e.g. Addicted 2014; frequent stories read and heard show that when one is exposed to sexual images or even intercourse at a young age leaves many exposed to a very wrong view of sex. First image on sex/ sensual images left in the brain of any child/teen/adult are never satisfied especially if no sex education is being given. Granted thanks to use of internet and updated technology use, one cannot filter completely porn but sex education comes first rather than having being introduced to affect our mental emotional state.

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The 3 Sad Truths About Internet Porn

With the rise of porn on the Internet, many “free” web filters also began showing up. If you’ve ever used one of these free filters you’ll know that they are rubbish. And most of them have lacking features that you need to purchase in order to use. So ultimately you end up paying for what you thought you were getting in the first place! Now there are 3 reasons why free porn blockers are a waste of time, and I’m going to share them with you.

Are They Really “Free”?

Most “no cost” web filters do not present all of the features that it promised initially. It’s basically a marketing tool, to give you “a taste” of what the actual filter is all about. And after using this “incomplete” porn blocker, they’ll start asking you to purchase bonus packs and other additional software. You may not realize this, but the porn industry is a billion dollar industry. They have been in this business a long time, and they know exactly how to design their adult content to slip “under the nets” of web filters, not to mention a FREE ones! They use various methods of getting their content onto your computer… without the use of a website. All they need is a few misspelled URLs, email links, and Pop-ups to dump their trash onto your desktop. These are just a few of the basic tactics that porn industries use to entice men and boys. So what’s the use of downloading a free web-filtering software?

Ineffective Website Blocking

There are no guarantees that your web filter will be able to block all porn because hey, it’s free! If you had a filter that blocked out sites containing only mature words and porn company names, all the porn workers have to do is misspell their site’s domain name (as mentioned above), or they could simply give their site a neutral name like “White House”. The keyword “Playboy” would obviously get blocked, but a keyword like “White House”… of course not.

File Sharing Sites

A free porn blocker is unable to block file-sharing websites. What is a file sharing site, and why do you need to block them? File-sharing sites are where people can come and download free music, videos, games, and almost anything else that’s downloadable. But these sites are illegal. They contain free music that someone else paid for (the same goes for movies). So if you can download almost anything at file-sharing sites, then what about porn movie clips? Absolutely.

So now you can see the reasons why free web filters are surely a waste of time. But there’s more bad news. Most of the “paid” (yes paid) porn blockers are just as bad as if it were a free one. They cannot stop the examples mentioned above. So what are you going to do to protect your family?

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